Hotels with free WiFi: a luxury or a necessity?

The arrival of smartphones has dramatically changed our lifestyles. This is why we are prone to look for hotels with free Wi-Fi. Finding a network to connect to wherever we might be has become one of the small pleasures in life. Thanks to free Wi-Fi we don’t have to consume the valuable mobile data that […]

Granollers festivals: countdown

August is the most anticipated month by the vast majority of people in Spain, and it’s already here. A well-deserved holiday time has finally arrived, after months of work and effort, and it doesn’t get better than, if during our holidays we can also stay in a comfortable hotel surrounded by a festive atmosphere. Granollers […]

Cultural tourism in Spain: a path to continue growing

Music, architecture, historical heritage, paintings, photography, art, flamenco are only some of the alternatives a traveller can choose from this summer, especially those who are keen oncultural tourism. It is the perfect choice for people who like to make the most out of their free time to continue learning, growing and being nourished by the […]

Holidays in Catalonia: From cosmopolitanism to nature

Amongst destinations of national as well as international travelers Catalan lands occupy a very privileged position. A thorough search for hotels in Catalonia can reinforce one’s decision to visit this distinctive community which offers cosmopolitan cities, beautiful beaches, mesmerizing landscapes, ancient roman ruins, art, history and much more. Another influential factor acting in favor of […]