Who you would spend a night in a Hotel?

The girls chose the athlete Rafael Nadal and the boys to the model Gisele Bundchen to spend a night in hotel

The tennis player Rafa Nadal is the favorite famous person chosen to spend a night in a hotel with 24.1% of the votes according to a study by Hoteles.com.

Preferences about who you would spend a night free in a Hotel are very clear. The result is completed by the actor Brad Pitt (17.8%) and Cristiano Ronaldo (13.8%). In the women the first place is the Brazilian model Gisele Bundchen with 19% of the votes, followed by the american singer Beyoncé (12.1%).

But who would be the worst roommate celebritie? Spanish actress Ana Obregon (12.1%) is in the first place and the male side the number one is held by the current Minister of Justice, Alberto Ruiz Gallardon and the young Canadian singer Justin Bieber (8.6%).

And where?… the answer is New York with 15.5% of the vote.

These are the results of this survey and you, Who you would spend a Sidorme Night?

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