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Get to know La Mancha with Sidorme staying at one of our budget hotels with very affordable prices. Enjoy the local tourist attractions in our hotel in Albacete located just 10 minutes from downtown.

Albacete is located on the famous crossroads between Madrid and Levant. With approximately 180.000 inhabitants it stands out as the largest city in terms of population in Castilla-La Mancha.

Discover modern and energetic city where you get absorbed by the Castilian-Manchegan culture. Learn about its attractive cultural offers; visit the famous Museum of Cutlery and get to now about the most prestigious knife industry in the province. Enjoy one of Spain’s richest foods, the mother of Spanish cuisine. Albacete has numerous popular dishes which are too good to miss. Take a sip of the famous Manchegan gazpacho; taste Manchegan migas (lit. crumbs) or the most popular “atascaburras” (which once used to be prepared during snowy weather).

Albacete is a constantly moving city and a leisure epitome among other Spanish cities. It is a place where you can go to a shopping mall or a cinema, but foremost it is a city defined by the tapas culture. Take a walk through the Zone, the quintessential tapas neighborhood located in the very center of the city, very close to our Sidorme hotel.

For a truly complete Albacete-experience it is essential to live through our Fair (La Feria). The Fair of Albacete is considered as one of the most famous in Spain for its celebrations, bulls and a multifaceted program of cultural and musical activities. Make some room in your busy schedule and check out the September Fair staying at our budget hotel in Albacete!

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