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Abelardo Sanchez Park
The city of Albacete

Our hotel in Albacete is located just 6 km from the Abelardo Sánchez Park.

The Aberlardo Sanchez Park is the largest urban park in Castile-La Mancha simultaneously being the largest green zone in Albacete.

The park has a characteristic triangle shape with three exits leading to Avenue of Spain, Archangel Gabriel Street and Pedro Simón Abril Promenade.

Inside the park there are various plans to choose from. In the first place there is a cultural plan since the Museum of Albacete is lodged in the Abelardo Sánchez Park. It offers two permanent exhibitions. They are archeological with a number of valuable materials from a number of different sites from across the province. It brings together materials from the Paleolithic Age to the early centuries of our era. The second plan, being the one we suggest you try, is for the younger tourists. Take them to the traffic playground. There is a cycling signposted track that is perfect for children to learn to ride a bike and to identify traffic signs.

The Abelardo Sánchez Park is widely known as “Albacete’s Green Area” for its large and tall pine trees. While occupying the largest green space in the city it also contains a pond with many species of birds. Long walks in the park will provide you with harmony and connection to nature, away from the busy city life.

Discover its hidden monuments such as fountains and busts located throughout the park. The largest and most important is the Long Fountain situated in line with the duck pond. Among the busts there are those of Saturnino Lopez, Miguel de Cervantes and even of Azorin.

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