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Ciudad Real
The city of Albacete

Enjoy the tourism in Castile-La Mancha; by staying at our hotel in Albacete you can check out Ciudad Real being only 200km from our location.

The province of Ciudad Real is a land of history, mills and adventures of Don Quixote. On these lands you can do all kinds of tourism and soak up the Castilian -Manchegan culture.

Ciudad Real has great natural sites of worldwide importance such as the Cabañeros National Park and Tablas de Daimiel National Park; and volcanic areas as Lagunas de the Ruidera Natural Park and Campo de Calatrava.

If you prefer cultural tourism, you can arrange tours through the historic and artistic group of Ciudad Real. Visit churches of Santiago and San Pedro, walk around the Nuestra Señora del Prado Cathedral and visit the Carmelite convent. Discover the secrets of the city, the old casino, the Palace of the council, Medrano Palace and the Old Hospital of ‘Mercy’, which is the current head office of the Rector of the University of Castille-La Mancha.

Ciudad Real is a young and open city with some of the most important traditions and festivals on the national level. It is crucial to highlight its great carnival heritage in which citizens spontaneously appear on the city’s streets, all costumed organizing parades in every corner. Another of its summit parties are Los Mayos which you can experience in late April, with the youngsters dressed into their traditional costumes sing to their patron Mays, the Virgin of Prado.

Get to know Ciudad Real and its corners on your sightseeing tour in Castile - La Mancha; stay at our Sidorme hotel and travel anywhere you wish straight from Albacete.

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