The city of Albacete

Enjoy the tourism in Castile-La Mancha! Visit Cuenca straight from our hotel in Albacete for it is only 140km away!

The town of Cuenca is one of the major monumental ensembles of Spain. Having a great international projection the town has been designated as World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Walk down the streets of Cuenca to see the most important monuments including the sculpture of King Alfonso VIII located in the garden of the County Council. Look at the remains of the fort of the Castle with the Arch of Bezudo; go up the stairs to the highest part of the arch and enjoy the magnificent views. You cannot miss its very famous ‘hanging’ houses, its cathedral and castle. Follow the famous routes from Mayor Square and experience Cuenca’s history, culture and architecture.

If you want to learn about Cuenca’s cuisine, try the typical liver stew (morteruelo) with bread; indulge on a traditional aperitif ‘zarajo’ made of braided sheep’s intestines broiled or fried, and a delicious gingerbread to satisfy your sugar cravings. You may finish the meal with a small shot of resolí-liquor to improve the digestion.

Visit the town of Cuenca during holidays and enjoy their traditions according to the true manchego style. San Mateo is the most important festival of the province celebrated in September. You will experience the festive atmosphere, visit clubs and eat the traditional menu of San Mateo, which includes roasted potatoes with sardines and zurracapote or simply zurra (an alcoholic drink similar to sangria). Cuenca is also known for its Easter Week that will envelope you into the atmosphere of spirituality and passion for those seven days.

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