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The city of Albacete

Enjoy the tourism in Castile-La Mancha and visit Guadalajara from our hotel in Albacete. It is situated about 280km from our location.

The province of Guadalajara is a culturally, monumentally and naturally rich land full of sites to discover. You can choose what kind of tourism you prefer: excursions to contemplate extraordinary natural places or take delight in its historic, artistic and cultural heritage. Venture into the depths of Siguenza; visit the castle of the capital or the castles of Zafra, Zorita or Pioz. Get to know the Cathedral. Dive into the protagonist lands of “Journey to the Alcarria”, a famous book written by the Nobel Prize Winner for Literature, Camilo Jose Cela.

Visit the green areas of Guadalajara with its numerous parks. The Concorde is the most emblematic of the city being the place where several important events and celebrations are held. You can also visit the Municipal Zoo located in the park next to the bed of the river Henares. Enjoy the great variety of plants, trees and more than forty species of wild birds.

Guadalajara is well known for its traditional and simple Spanish cuisine. Some of the specialties you can try in these lands are: garlic soup, porridge, ‘covered’ beans or its famous roasted lamb or kid (baby goat). Guadalajara has a wide range of establishments for tapas. By walking the streets of the old town you can pick from classic tapas to more elaborated pinchos. But you cannot leave without trying their star products, namely babas (special cookies) and honey of Alcarria, with denomination of origin since 1992. Now you know that any alternative is great in order to get to know the possibilities offered by the flavors of this earth.

Get to know Guadalajara, a very dynamic and full of surprises Manchegan city; stay at our Sidorme hotel and traveling straight from Albacete.

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