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Lodares Passage
The city of Albacete

Our Sidorme hotel is very close to the Passage of Lodares of Albacete, only 9 minutes away by car.

Passage of Lodares is an old residential and commercial gallery located in the very heart of Albacete. Dating back to 1925 the gallery was designed by Valencian architect D. Buenaventura Ferrando Castells.

It owes its name to Gabriel Lodares who ordered to have it built in the image of and likeness to Italian commercial galleries of those years.

Stroll down the streets of Albacete and discover monumental forms of the Passage of Lodares. Its cover of iron and glass together with its Renaissance columns make it one of the most emblematic places of the city. In the past the passage consisted of luxury apartments and commercial premises. Even today you can encounter prosperous shops on the ground floor where all kinds of merchandises are sold. You can visit one of the oldest souvenir stores of the city and some of the finest boutiques.

You can carry on with your shopping tour because the Passage of Lodares is strategically located in the commercial nucleus of the city. It serves as a link between the High Street, where there are shops like Stradivarius, Cortefiel, Calzedonia and Woman’s Secret, and the Tinte street where shops like Zara, Mango, Springfield, Bimba & Lola and Amichi will be waiting for you.

Visit the Passage of Lodares enjoying a free entry. You can access all of the gallery’s shops from dusk till dawn, just till their very closing time. Mix tourism with leisure and shopping by staying at our Hotel in Albacete!

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