The city of Albacete

Enjoy the tourism in Castille-La Mancha and visit its capital, Toledo, straight from our hotel in Albacete. The capital is only 247km from our location.

The city of Toledo is famous for its rich geographical environment being surrounded by the Tagus River, the Cigarrales, the Vegas and its beautiful sites (La Granja, Virgen de Gracia, Santa Leocadia, San Cristobal). Above all it has a long history; it is known as the City of Tolerance and the City of the Three Cultures due to a centuries long joint coexistence of Jews, Muslims and Christians in the city. Toledo holds many interesting spots renown for its great artistic and cultural heritage, churches, palaces, fortresses, mosques and synagogues. Lose yourself in its historic old town or its ancient walls; visit Roman ruins, temples, theaters, amphitheaters and ancient water supply and drainage systems.

Toledo is also famous for its celebrations and festivities. Many Jewish holidays are celebrated on their land including the Feast of Joy, Passover, the Feast of Tabernacles, the Feast of Lights (or Hanukkah), etc. Or if you prefer another type of religious holidays, visit the city during the Corpus Christi that is officially considered as a Festival of International Tourist Interest. Go to the procession of the custody of the First Cathedral, and run through the streets of Toledo for on these days all kinds of ornaments and awnings dress the city of gala. You can also stop by the city on May 1, and go to the most popular and busiest of their pilgrimages in the Ermita de la Virgen del Valle. Pilgrims receive bread and cheese from the companions, and single women ring the bell of the chapel in order to find a partner.

Toledo has many surprises; get to know the capital of Castile-La Mancha by staying at our Sidorme hotel and traveling from Albacete!

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