Casa Cusí
The city of Figueres

Figueres is one of the most popular tourist destinations on Costa Brava. A large number of tourists from all over the world are attracted by the many leisure and possibilities offered by this exclusive city. Its cuisine, festive atmosphere, its landscape, its climate and, above all, its art and culture are reasons enough to visit Figueres.

Figueres is a city that is filled with of art and culture. To be more precise, one of the busiest areas of Figueres is ​​the Rambla. The Rambla, which was built on the banks of Galligans in 1828 and aimed to be a promenade, is a gathering area for tourists and traders, but, above all, it is an area where all architectural styles expressed in the best civilian houses in the city.

Specifically, on the Rambla we can encounter the so-called Casa Cusi, an elegant building dating back to 1894. The Casa Cusi was devised by the famous monarchist politician, banker and entrepreneur, Carles Miguelete Cusi. A short period of time later, between 1903 and 1904, it was remodeled and expanded. Its new tower and a new bay were constructed making it the Casa Cusi we know today.

The Casa Cusi has a largely historicist style, although Azemar has added typical elements of modernist buildings such as decorative elements in ceramics. The building embodies a whole mix of styles that offers complete and perfect harmony with the rest of architectural variety surrounding the Rambla: neoclassical, rational, Baroque, Art Nouveau, etc.

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Address: Rambla 7

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