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The city of Figueres

Figueres is one of the destinations Costa Brava receiving the biggest number of visitors on an annual basis. Crowds of tourists from all over the world travel to this Gerona city city to see its landscape, its climate, its cuisine, its festive atmosphere and, especially, its art and culture.

Figueres is a city filled with art and culture. One of the most popular personalities in Figueres and, in part, the main reason for attracting great numbers of tourists is the infamous Salvador Dali. In Figueres you can enjoy all of his art by vising his two museums: The Dali Theatre-Museum and the Dali-Jewels Museum, being the two highest expressions of his thinking and his personality converted into artwork. However, if you're a big fan of Salvador Dali and want to know everything about him, you should not miss the Casa Mas Roger.

La Casa Mas Roger was the second residence of Gerona’s artist. There was no monotony or ordinarily in Dali, and neither could there be any of these attributes in his second home. The Casa Mas Roger was designed in 1910 by a member of one of the wealthiest families in Figueres, Enrique Mas Roger. It is characterized by three sides and by the striking and original combination of materials like stone, wood, iron and tiles. It is a true work of art especially designed for a great artist. Thus, we can recognise a perfect combination of modernist, historicist and popular architectural styles.

Stay at the budget Sidorme Hotel in Figueres close to the Casa Roger Mas and visit the residence where Salvador Dali painted some of his most famous works of his early period.

Address: Monturiol, 10 / La Palmera Square

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