Hotel Figueres

Fira de Sant Josep
The city of Figueres

The town of Figueres is situated in the northern part of Gerona, near the French border. Annually it hosts a large number of tourists attracted by its climate, its festive atmosphere, its scenery, its art, its culture and its gastronomy.

One of the most popular and valued desserts in Figueres is the Emporda donut, being a special treat during the Easter holidays. Emporda donuts are a traditional sweet from the area, made ​​of eggs, flour, milk, lemon, cinnamon, oil, cilantro and anise; always following the grandmother’s recipe.

If you are planning to visit Figueres and enjoy the huge offer of leisure and entertainment possibilities, or if you want a relaxing journey, do not forget to attend Sant Josep Fair to sample the best of Emporda’s, Gerona’s and Catalan cuisine.

Sant Josep Fair is a craft fair organized by the Association of Friends of Sant Josep on the streets of Figueres. More specifically, it is organised in the streets of Sant Pau, Sant Josep, Maria Verge i Sant Vicenç.

The star product of the Fair of Sant Josep are the Emporda donuts, but this is not the only thing you can try. Cheese, the famous 'Grenache' and other typical local products are available for you to try and degust much as your heart wishes.

And to make the most of the experience, Sidorme Hotels offers Hotel Figueres.

The Hotel is located in Figueres on the Roses road in Vilatenim-Figueres, a few minutes from the train station connecting Figueres with Barcelona, 3 km from Dali Museum, 17 km from the beaches of Costa Brava and only 52 km from Gerona International Airport.

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