La Rambla
The city of Figueres

Every year Figueres receives many tourists eager to enjoy the many experiences that the city offers. Among others these include its climate, its cuisine, landscapes, art and even its unique festive atmosphere. If you share this passion for new and unforgettable experiences and are looking for a hotel near the Rambla of Figueres, then our Sidorme hotel in Figueres is the perfect choice.

In Figueres you will have the opportunity to see some of the most enchanting works of artists such Salvador Dali or Narcis Monturiol, inventor of the first submarine ship in history. All this is surrounded by impressively striking scenery.

Enjoy various cultural and leisure activities offered by Figueres. Your possibilities are endless. You can go to the theater, visit its wonderful museums or Sant Ferran Castle, dive into its nightlife or try its delicious cuisine. But do not forget to rest and regain strength to continue with your activities the next day.

Sidorme Figueres Hotel is perfect for experiences Figueres in every way, since the hotel is located near the Rambla of Figueres, where most of the actions take place.

The Rambla is the most emblematic area where both traders and tourists come together to create the distinctive atmosphere of Figueres. It was built in 1828. The main motivation behind the works was covering the banks of Galligans for hygienic reasons, thus, utilising this new space as a walking area.

From that moment, the city’s finest buildings were built around the Rambla. A combination of different architectural styles along the promenade will not leave anyone indifferent. Among the styles you will distinguish among rationalist, modernist, baroque, neoclassical and many more. This myriad of art makes the Rambla of Figueres unique.

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