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Costa Brava is a destination that annually hosts a large number of tourists interested in its cuisine, natural landscapes, good climate, the area’s festive atmosphere and, above all, its cultural integrity. If you are planning a journey to Costa Brava and looking for a hotel near the Castle of Sant Ferran at a truly affordable price, Sidorme Figueres Hotel is your ideal choice.

Sant Ferran Castle is located on one of the hills at the border of Figueras. With a capacity of supporting up to 6000 troops, the Castle of Sant Ferran is the largest fort built in modern Europe. It is a real attraction for lovers of historical and cultural tourism. It is an impressive epitome of military engineering of the eighteenth century. The castle occupies an area of no less than 32 football fields (3120m in perimeter lengths if we consider the space of its glacis).

Sant Ferran Castle served as a military base until 1966, and since then it has maintained its excellent condition. This is why in 1997 it was decided that Sant Ferran Castle could hold guided tours on a regular basis, for it is a great way to learn the history, culture and art of that epoch.

In addition, from its walls you can see the Empordà’s entire plain country panorama: hectares of cultivation fields protected by splendid cypresses.

Book our Sidorme Figueres Hotel near the Castle of Sant Ferran, and enjoy this great cultural experience it offers. You will certainly want to come back for more.

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