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Banys àrabs (Arab Baths)
The city of Girona

Visit the Arab baths located on the Street of Ferran the Catholic, just 15 minutes drive from our hotel in Gerona. Discover this fabulous Romanesque building dating back to 1194, inspired by thermal baths or Muslim public baths. In the Arab baths you will find five chambers that differ according to the water temperature their respective pools. These five chambers consist of: dressing rooms, the cold room, the warm room, the hot room, the furnace room and the heater.

At Sidorme we have created an itinerary to guide you through the Arab baths. Let us firstly begin our tour with the dressing room or apodyterium. Here you will find a swimming pool surrounded by eight octagonal columns supporting the lantern.

Next we have the frigidarium, or the cold-water room, the most famous chamber of the Arab Baths due to its rustic annular dome and the central cupola placed on slender columns. It has a central octagonal pool upon which rests a small cupola. It also has a beautiful temple of stone and a sloping roof along with its outstanding central part; the second body of the temple with the dome. Its characteristic capitals are decorated with foliage elements, animals and semicircular arches.

We continue our visit with the tepidarium, the warm water room, which has a rectangular floor covered by a tube dome with three rectangular windows. Further, we got to the caldarium, the hot steam room. Its structure will remind the tepidarium due to the persisting similarities of both chambers. The flooring is heated by a hypocaust reminiscent of the Roman Baths. Finally, we reach the furnace room and the heater, excavated in the outside subsoil of the building.

Throughout the building of the Arab baths you will recognise how the elements of Muslim origin are vividly present, but how the building, nonetheless, remains reminiscent of the Western Romanesque style. Do not miss visiting this wonderful building. Visit the Arab baths during your stay in the city. Book your next vacation at our hotel in Girona.

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