The city of Girona

Besalu is a municipality located in the region of Garrotxa, in the north of the province of Gerona. Garrotxa is rich in art and culture. So if you love cultural tourism and want to relax in a natural and peaceful environment, Besalu is the right destination for you.

Annually, many tourists choose to visit Besalu being attracted by its scenery, climate, cuisine and, especially, by its art and culture, because Besalu is a center of medieval architecture. Cobblestone streets, rivers with stone bridges, medieval architecture is what you will find in Besalu. All its beauties make time stand still. You simply cannot miss one of the best-preserved medieval Spanish villages.

Lose yourself in its streets, stroll along the riverside, enjoy its popular cuisine, its theatrical performances; visit the Monastery of Sant Pere, the Royal Curia, the Miniature Museum, the Jewish Quarter and the Liberty Square. Besalu has an endless amount of both indoor and outdoor activities to undertake. But do not forget to rest and regain strength to continue with the activities the next day.

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Book your hotel near Besalu and enjoy the medieval magic. It will captivate you. Guaranteed.

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