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Temps de Flors
The city of Girona

Girona’s Flower Season (Temps de Flors) is the holiday during which the city welcomes the spring. It is a very recent celebration and, without doubt, it has become the most international event of Girona. Flower Season is a flower exhibition that has been held for nearly 60 years, embodying an authentic blend of creativity, crafts and art. The first time Flower Season took place in 1955; the exhibition was held in the Church of Sant Domenech and was organized by the Women's Section of the FET (Falange Española Tradicionalista, a Spanish political party) and of the JONS (Juventudes Obreras Nacional-Sindicalistas). In the mid 90s the City Council decided to extend the exhibition to the whole the city.

Flower Season is celebrated during the third week of May, and has a very important promotional, tourist and commercial nature. Every year the city gates open and the whole city becomes filled with flowers. During the Flower Season floral designers overfill the city with floral displays of all kinds, from classical samples to the most experimental varieties. There are many monuments and public spaces that host floral creations such as the Barri Vell neighborhood; even the courtyard owners and private gardens of this district open their doors for tourists to visit.

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