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The houses on the Onyar
The city of Girona

Discover Onyar houses from our hotel in Girona, just 5 miles away from the site. These houses are the famous houses that are hung over the river that crosses the city, Onyar. This river is an affluent of the Ter River. With a trajectory of 34 kilometers from Gerona it divides the city into two parts: the right bank, where is the Old Town, and the left bank of the district Mercadal.

Do not miss this fantastic view of the assortment of hanging houses; these humble eccentric homes are painted with bright colors and offer a splendid image of a small Mediterranean town, as if we had the view of Gerona’s Venice. The picture offered by Onyar houses with the cathedral and the bell tower of the church of Sant Feliu in the background is the most emblematic image of Girona. Read the story of the hanging houses, conferred by architects Fuses and Viader in order to replace the greatly damaged during seven months of siege in the War of Independence city wall canvas.

Walk around Gerona, a city fortified by stones with spectacular images of arcaded squares and steep alleys. Visit the Houses of Onyar from our hotel in Girona; one of the most prominent is the Maso House symbolizing evolution of Noucentisme, an ideological and artistic Catalan movement of the early 20th century. You can recognize it due to its white and blue colored facade.

We invite you to visit the houses of Onyar, one of the most striking tourist attractions of the city of Gerona, straight from our Sidorme hotel. Take pictures of Onyar’s bridges and admire watches the colorful facades of the hanging houses from a close distance; you still have many places to explore. And you will get much closer to them by staying at our hotel in Girona.

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