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The Jewish Quarter or Call Jueu
The city of Girona

The Call Jueu is known in Catalan as the famous Jewish Quarter of Gerona. From our Sidorme hotel in Girona you can reach the Jewish Quarter in less than 15 minutes. The Jewish community of Gerona had a major role in the development of the city from the ninth to the fifteenth century; this is why we can enjoy a great Jewish legacy is well preserved in the city of Girona. Read the story of the Jews and their communities, the Aljamas (or gathering of Jews), parallel to and independent from Christians who settled in the city.

From the Devesa Park, located next to the Welcome Point, you will have a great view of the entire quarter positioned in the very heart of the Roman Gerunda and medieval Gerona. From our hotel in Girona you will get to know all the treasures of the Call Jueu. Walk through the Jewish Quarter; enjoy its labyrinthine layout and the flavor of its medieval streets. Go up the steep stairs, visit shops of barri vell or go to the Center of Bonastruc ça Porta – the place where the former synagogue of Gerona used to be and which currently houses the Museum of Jewish History that will teach you the essence of the old Jewish Quarter.

Walk through the surroundings of the Carrer de la Força, streets that received Girona’s Jewish community in medieval times. Today, more than five hundred years later you can see how the streets of the quarter remain alive in the memory of that community that inhabited Gerona for more than seven centuries. Learn the secrets of Gerona’s Jewish Quarter from our hotel in Girona.

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