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The old town
The city of Girona

Gerona's Old Town is the historic center of the city where the most important tourist centers of the city are located.

See the rich architecture of the old town of Gerona, admiring the houses on the river Onyar that bring us from the Rambla to the Jewish quarter. Delve into the old Jewish quarter, one of the best-preserved Jewish quarters in Europe, and enjoy the great historical legacy of the city; get lost in the long narrow streets and stairs of the city, discovering its every corner, gardens, monuments and churches.

We recommend a tour from Sidorme to delve into the depths of the old town of Gerona. Let us commence our tour with Plaza Catalunya towards the Garden of Infància where you will find a bomb shelter from the Civil War. Go up the stairs to the city wall, enjoying the great view of the rooftops and steeples along with the courses of the rivers Ter and Onyar; you can also distinguish some peaks like the Far and Rocacorba further to the bottom.

Our next stop will be the impressive Square dels Apòstols where you can admire the Bishop's Palace, being now the Museum of Art. Nearby you will have the unique chance to go through the famous Mort Bona Portal (Portal of the Good Death).

The Street of Ferran Catòlic will take you from the city wall to the Cathedral and the Arab Baths, two of the most important monuments of the old town of Gerona. Following the same street, passing by the Square dels Jurats, you can cross the course of the dry river Galligants and visit the Church of Sant Pere de Galligants where the Museum of Archaeology of Catalonia is located.

We finally reach the Square of Sant Feliu where the Church of Sant Feliu and his famous column Leone, which according to tradition you have to kiss to become a good citizen of Gerona, are situated. On the Street Força you should not miss to visit the Centre Bonastruc Ça Porta where you will find the Museum of History of the Jews in Catalonia.

Walk down to the Old Town from our hotel in Gerona, and enjoying visiting all corners of Catalonia.

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