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The Sant Narcís festivities
The city of Girona

Discover the most important festivals of Catalonia and stay with us at our hotel in Girona.

The festival of Sant Narcis is celebrated on October 29 in honor of San Narciso, the patron of Gerona. The celebration of Sant Narcis begins the day before the 29 by reading the proclamation from the balcony of City Hall. But the actual festivities commence till the entering of the day of Sant Narcis. The holiday starts with a solemn Mass held in the Church of Sant Feliu, chapel where the remains of the saint are resting.

Enjoy a week of festivities and get to know the city from our hotel in Girona. Experience the festivity of Sant Narcis from its festive focal point, the Devesa Park, where each and every one of the attractions and barracks will be installed; and where you can enjoy different musical performances and concerts that are held. In this same park every year the Agricultural and Trade Fair (Fira agrícola i comercial), in the course of which local companies set up their stands, takes place.

On November 1, All Saints’ Day, Traditional Antiques Market (Mercat de Brocanters Reciclatge i) and the Drawing Fair take place, filling the town to the brim with visitors. The feast of Sant Narcis concludes on the first Sunday of November with an amazing closure consisting of a fireworks spectacle.

Get to know Sant Narcis Celebrations from our hotel in Girona.

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