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Discover the BenefitsSidorme Hotel in Girona

In Sidorme hotel in Girona you pay less for each additional night. Find all promotions and discounts offered in our hotel.

If you are staying for more than one night in Girona, Sidorme will give you the greatest discounts a budget hotel can offer. For every night you spend in Girona you pay less than the night before. And if you stay only one night, you still can get a great price by booking in advance, or by doing a check-in at Foursquare.

Sidorme offers you the Lovely Pack for a romantic evening in Girona. Enjoy a getaway with your partner in our hotel with a double room, breakfast, champagne, chocolate and rose petals.

Further, young people can take full advantages of the offers in our hotel in Girona by using their Youth Card. They can get their free breakfast by showing their ID at the front desk.

Sidorme offers you the best prices available. You will not be able to find a lower rate for a hotel in Girona.

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