Hotel Granada

El Generalife
The city of Granada

Visit the Alhambra and the Generalife Palaces in Granada from our hotel, just 2 kilometers away. Generalife is widely known as the palace used by the Muslim kings as a place of rest; like the Alhambra Palace it was recognized as a World Heritage Site.

Discover Generalife’s surroundings located beside the walls of the Alhambra; stroll through its beautiful gardens, yards and patios, and teleport yourself back to a time of kings. The Patio of Acequia is one of the most iconic ones embodying a mix of its Persian origin with a more remarkable Andalusian influence. Take a look at Generalife’s constructs that make it one of the most important collections of Muslim architecture; however, we should not disregard the strong Christian influence being present in its architecture. La Almunia is one of the most remarkable residential complexes of Generalife due to its large area that is perfect for cultivation and pasture.

Sidorme Hotels invite you to visit the Generalife Palace, to discover the richness and the beauty of its porch and to dive to the depths of the Alhambra Palace. If you continue your tour to the North Hall of the Palace, you will find the amazing Upper Gardens, ideal for taking a break and meditating; and its Water Staircase connecting the Generalife Palace with a chapel. Discover the magic of the Alhambra and the Generalife Palaces while staying with us at our hotel in Granada.

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