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Feria del Corpus de Granada (Corpus de Granada Fair)
The city of Granada

Visit Granada during the Fair of Corpus Christi, the biggest celebration in the city. It is usually held in June, however, it is highly dependent on the Easter Week. The exact date of the Corpus Christi is exactly 60 days from Easter Monday; thus, the celebration takes place on the Thursday of Corpus Christi, the greatest day of the week of festivities.

Every year the Corpus Fair begins with the famous ‘lighting’ Monday at 12 pm and closes the following Sunday with a procession around the Cathedral, the so-called Octava of the Corpus along with a fireworks show. During the Fair of Corpus Christi, Granada offers a huge variety of cultural events: bullfights, flamenco performances at the fairground stands, puppet shows in the Plaza Bib-Rambla, processions and funfair.

Enjoy the atmosphere of the show at the fairgrounds both during day and night. During the day you will encounter elegant carriages full of people dressed in costumes flamingos; at night the atmosphere is primarily focused on the stands, which, unlike during other shows where there are public and private stands, are all public giving you the possibility to freely access them and to get to know the environment we live in these days.

During the Corpus Fair you will see two major processions walk the streets of Granada: the Tarascan and the Corpus Christi procession.

The first is a very peculiar and pagan procession in which the figure of a woman walking over a dragon, accompanied by giants and figures with oversized heads. The procession of the Corpus, to whose name the name of the Fair is indebted, unlike the Tarasca, worships the Eucharist in a solemn religious manner.

The most typical of the Corpus Fair of Granada are Carocas, namely drawings or cartoons humorously highlighting the major local and national events that took place throughout the year. They are accompanied by verses or stanzas written below the drawing on large panels. These are placed in the Plaza Bib-Rambla whereby twenty best Carocas are selected in order to be exhibited for the rest of the holidays.

Experience the atmosphere of the Andalusian holiday from our hotel in Granada and attended the Corpus Fair - one of the most popular fairs in our country.

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