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Gold Mine Route
The city of Granada

The Gold Mine Route is an undiscovered scenic and historical tour in Granada but which possibly was the cause for the first Roman settlement in the town. The Gold Mine Route is a mining area hidden at the south side of the mountain of the Alhambra. Gold was produced during the uplift and erosion of the top of Sierra Nevada. The mining started during pre-Roman times and was practiced until recently; however, it has been abandoned for various reasons.

The Gold Mine Route is divided into three distinct areas, from which gold has once been extracted over the history of Granada’s mines. These areas are: the Hollow of Guadix-Baza in Caniles, the Corredor of the Alpujarra in Ugíjar, and the Hollow of Granada in the Lancha of Genil.

You can also visit the Darro River, where gold was extracted in the area between the Jesus of the Valley and the New Square, below the Alhambra. Dare to know more about Gold Mines of Granada and discover the extraction method employed by the Romans in this area. The technique was called ‘ruina montium’. During this procedure miners excavated narrow cavities into the mountain filling them with water that would cause pressure on the rock walls, thus, fragmenting them, so that later gold pieces could be filtered out. Muslims modernised these techniques with engineering structures, ditches and canals of the affluents of the Genil and Aguas Blancas Rivers.

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