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Granada International Festival of Music and Dance
The city of Granada

Visit Granada International Music and Dance Festival and enjoy the greatest art performances of the city. Do not miss this event of international importance that you can explore from our Sidorme hotel in Granada.

The Granada International Festival of Music and Dance is more than just a musical masterpiece. It is a tradition with a long history dating back to symphonic concerts held at the Palace of King Carlos V, the infamous Alhambra, from 1883. The festival is very multifaceted including a great variety of genres, each of which are performed in an exquisite setting. Symphony orchestras, for instance, are housed by the Palace of Alhambra, while dance and ballet shows take place at the outdoor theatre in the Gardens of Generalife. Other events occupy not less prominent spaces such as El Patio de los Arrayanes of the Alhambra or some of Granada’s historic buildings. One of the most vibrant events, ‘Flamenco Late Nights’, is usually held in the historic neighborhoods of Albaicin or Sacromonte. 

The International Festival of Music and Dance is not only a unique artistic experience, but also a great impetus of Granada’s economy given the fact that thousands of artists, orchestras, companies and, above all, tourist visitors come to the city to take part in one of the most important cultural and artistic events of Spain.

Additionally, the Festival aims at a great number of social groups, fulfilling its social mission. Creating equal opportunities for all it enables accessibility for young people and pensioners by offering special prices. It also has a number of activities aimed at children and their families.

Staying at our Sidorme hotel in Granada will give you a unique opportunity to enjoy one of the most colorful artistic events, namely the International Music and Dance Festival of Granada.

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