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La Alhambra
The city of Granada

Visit the Alhambra Palace located only 16 miles from our hotel in Granada.

The Alhambra Palace is Granada’s tourist destination par excellence, apart from being the most visited monument in Spain.

This is a beautiful complex that unites diverse cultures and epochs such as the Muslim culture, Renaissance and Romantic styles. Alhambra was a palace and fortress where the monarch of the Nasrid Emirate and his court used to stay. Sidorme invites you to stroll through the gardens of Alhambra and admire its facilities taking delight in a unique and relaxing experience.

The Alhambra Palace offers a number of recommended itineraries in order to discover of one of the most visited places nationwide. Choose excursions of 1 or 2 days and of varying scopes; night tours are also available so that you can admire the charm of Alhambra by night.

Get to know Alhambra; visit its palace, delve into the Hall of Mocárabes located in the Palace of the Lions; or the Hall of Abencerrages, alcove of the Sultan; walk through the Hall of Kings, the largest Hall of the Harem, and view its wonderful paintings of the ten kings of Granada. Continue to the Hall of Two Sisters and the Board of Ajimeces also known for the viewing point of Daraxa. Finally, visit the Palace of Carlos V, symbol of the triumph of Christianity over Islam, where you can find the Museum of Alhambra. There you can enjoy Nasrid’s complete art collection, a result of excavation and restoration of the monument.

Discover the Alhambra and enjoy a dream trip staying at our hotel in Granada.

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