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La Catedral - Granada
The city of Granada

Visit the famous Cathedral of Granada situated in the city center and only a 5-mile drive from our hotel Sidorme.

The Granada Cathedral was built in the early sixteenth century during the period of Renaissance, and shortly after the conquest of the Kingdom of Granada by the Catholic Monarchs. It is one of the oldest churches on the mainland. Behold the aesthetic richness of the Cathedral and the fusion of different artistic styles in its architecture. Gothic and Renaissance styles manifest themselves alongside one another complemented by Baroque elements.

Get to see the surroundings of the Cathedral of Granada, from the bell tower to the gates of San Jeronimo and Perdon. Walk around the Diego Siloam Square, visit the clock tower, arriving at the door of Ecce Homo. Visit the interior of the Cathedral of Granada, which is overfilled with artworks, and discover the Chapel, where you will find the famous praying statues of the Catholic Monarchs.

Do not forget to stop by at the Museum of the Cathedral, located on the ground floor of the tower. There you will find various pieces of everything from paintings to tapestries and sculptures. All of the artifacts have a great historical and religious value. Among these we can highlight pieces such as the oldest painting of the Museum of the Cathedral, namely ‘the Virgin with the child’, or the sculpture of the Immaculate Conception by Alonso Cano.

Sidorme invites you to discover the wealth and art of the Cathedral of Granada. Bring to light the secrets of this mysteriously intriguing Andalusian city by staying at our hotel in Granada.

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