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Sierra de Huétor Natural Park
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Visit the Natural Park of Sierra de Huétor from our hotel in Granada, just 17 miles away by car.

The Natural Park of the Sierra de Huétor is just a few kilometers northeast of Granada and covers an area of 12,428 acres filled with native plants and various tree kinds. Enjoy the natural paradise right next to the city.

The Natural Park of Sierra de Huétor is composed of mountain ranges of medium altitude, where ravines, streams, gorges and limestone quarries forming a fairly complex relief alternate. In the central part of the mountain underground passages and caves have been formed over time; one of the most famous is the Cueva del Agua. There are also two rivers that run alongside the mountain, Darro and Fardes. You should visit certainly visit them if you like fishing.

One of the main attractions offered by the park are its numerous forest trails. This is why it has become one of the most visited natural areas in Granada. The proximity to the capital and the extensive network of trails has made this natural area a traditional destination for hiking, cycling, horse riding, climbing, paragliding, and many other outdoors activities.

The Natural Park of Sierra de Huétor is home to a variety of species of flora and fauna. Many of them include endangered species being of great conservation concern. More so, it is not only valuable for its nature, but also for its rich historical and cultural past given its Arab legacy. Enjoy the Arab constructions of the Natural Park of Sierra de Huétor such as farmsteads or Arab baths of Cogollos Vega, the Palace of Cuzco, or Decimate, great overlook of the Sierra Nevada. Here you can enjoy photography in its entire splendor, because you can capture spectacular panoramic shots of the entire mountain.

You cannot leave without tasting the local cuisine of the place ranging from the traditional Alfacar bread, the exquisite alimoje with cod to the famous porridge with honey.

Enjoy mountain tourism from our hotel in Granada by visiting the Natural Park of Sierra de Huétor.

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