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Sierra Nevada
The city of Granada

Visit Sierra Nevada, just 45 miles from our hotel in Granada.

If you are a fan of skiing and hiking, Sierra Nevada is the perfect destination for you. Sierra Nevada is a mountain range that containing the highest peaks in all Western Europe preceded only by the Alps. Enjoy the attractions offered by Sierra Nevada in any season like skiing in winter and hiking the rest of the year.

Sierra Nevada offers you a great amount of diversion; you can not only go skiing but also enjoy its surroundings and visit the National Park and the Biosphere Reserve. There are all kinds of events to undertake for admiring its natural and scenic beauty; Additionally, Sierra Nevada organises a number of excursions and a safari to enable you to become familiar with the mountains. It also arranges all kinds of winter activities such as Russian sled, Ski Cross, parallel slalom, slides and skiing circuits. All these events are designed for both individual participation as well as groups, i.e. family and friends. Sign up for everything that Sierra Nevada has to offer and become a ski expert. Sidorme invites you to enjoy Sierra Nevada snow tourism at its best.

Take delight in your mountain holidays in Sierra Nevada, one of the most popular ski destinations in our country. Visit Sierra Nevada and stay with us at our hotel in Granada.

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