Hotel Granada

The Park of the Sciences
The city of Granada

Visit the Science Park, just 8 miles from our hotel in Granada and that will come in just 10 minutes.

This is an interactive museum that offers a wide variety of possibilities for cultural and scientific excursions. In the museum you will find both permanent and temporary exhibitions, a planetarium as well as a large number of various activities that you should not miss. Among the permanent exhibitions of the Science Park we would like to highlight the following: a journey human’s body, the Biosphere, Al - Andalus and science or Darwin’s space, and the natural selection. Visit the Planetarium where you can simulate an exciting journey through the universe or move up to the observation tower from which you can admire the city and a part of the mountain chain and Granada’s environment. If you like astronomy, you can attend the Science Park open nights when both the Planetarium and the Astronomical Observatory open their doors to the public. The Science Park also hosts various workshops throughout the year. These are related to a variety of topics, and are aimed at all audiences, for example, workshops on robotics, science fairs, marathons of science documentaries, etc.

Visit the Science Park of Granada where you can enjoy cultural tourism and you learn everything about the scientific world and its component branches. Sidorme encourages you to familiarise yourself with sciences in the Science Park of Granada, a place suitable for all age groups and where there is always enough space for knowledge. Enjoy some cultural tourism and stay with us at our hotel in Granada.

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