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Bell tower of the Church of Sant Esteve - Granollers
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Discover the Church of Sant Esteve just a 10-miles drive from our hotel in Granollers. The church of Sant Esteve is the largest temple in Granollers, located on a small hill at the bottom of the road from Vic to Manlleu. It is a Romanesque building that was constructed between 1480 and the beginning of the 16th century. After the Spanish Civil War the parish Church of Sant Esteve of Granollers was entirely burned and destroyed except for the bell tower. In 1941 the architect Joan Boada y Barba began its restoration that was completed in August 1946.

The only reminder you can find of the old Gothic Church of Sant Esteve in situ is its bell tower that consists of three parts: the first one being square and the other two - octagonal with beautiful picture windows and crowned by a railing decorated with intertwined motifs.

The interior of the Church of Sant Esteve, will find the sacristy beneath the high altar, the chapel of the Blessed Sacrament and the chaplet, below which you will encounter a crypt or mausoleum of the family Abadal de Pradell where the remarkable Catalan historian Ramón Abadal and Vinyals is resting.

Get to know the surroundings of the church and get carried away by the rich culture of the vicinity of the Church of Sant Esteve, where you will find a small old churchyard; among several eminent figures there is the tombstone of Abadal, Fontanellas and Pradell.

Encounter the rich Catalan culture embodied in the Church of Sant Esteve while staying with us at our hotel in Granollers.

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