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Visit Conestable House of Portugal from our hotel in Granollers , separates them just 5 miles away by car.

The house of the Conestable is an old gothic palace from the sixteenth century situated at Sant Roc. This was the building in where the Constable Pere de Portugal died in 1466. Nowadays, only the central part of the ancient, sixteenth century palace remains from the former house of Tagament. Enjoy the architectural elements of the house of Conestable: the main facade of the building, the entrance gate with a curved stone arch, Gothic trefoil arched window on the main floor and the lobed window on the second floor.

Walk the streets of Granollers admiring the remains of its magnificent medieval architecture. It is a city with artistic heritage that shaped some of the most important aesthetic styles.

Enjoy cultural tourism in Catalonia from our hotel in Granollers and do not forget to visit the Gothic House of Conestable of Portugal.

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