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Sidorme recommends taking part in the Fiestas de la Mercè, the most important festivals celebrated in Barcelona, commencing on September 24. These festivities are held in honor of the Virgin of the Merced (Mare de Deu de la Merce), the patron saint of the city, and represent one of the greatest annual traditions embodying the creative and innovative nature of the Catalans.

Visit Barcelona around this time of year from our hotel in Granollers, 20 minutes from downtown. Find real examples of popular and traditional Catalan culture and participate in the Fiestas de la Mercè. The Mercè celebrations include many attractions, some of which are of International Tourist Interest. There are the famous Castellers during which thousands of people come together to form a human tower; or a giant parade accompanied by drums. Learn to dance Sardana during your stay, and experience the firework. The fireworks begin when during the dusk; the street along the Via Laietana and its surrounding are closed to make way for ‘Devils’ and their magnificent fire-breathing dragons. They roam the streets throwing firecrackers. Do not hesitate and enjoy this great experience; just make sure to wear protective clothing.

Additionally, the Mercè festivities offer other activities such as the Wine Fair of Catalonia and the popular marathon, and, being especially famous, the ‘Piromusical’. It is a great fireworks display exploding synchronised with the music and coordinated with the light sources from Montjuïc.

Join the fun during the Fiestas de la Mercè, the biggest festivals in Barcelona, while staying at our hotel in Granollers.

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