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Antonio Gaudi is well known for being the most internationally renowned and emblematic architect of Catalonia. The city of Barcelona was the main stage where the architect and modernist decorator created a great part of his work.

Sidorme suggest a one-day route either by foot, by bicycle or using urban transport in Barcelona.

The route starts at Plaza de Catalunya and the beginning of the Paseo de Gracia, where you can admire the infamous Casa Calvet. It is Gaudi’s most conservative creation, which stands for his departure from his previous inspirations, and is exposed to major Baroque influences.

Then we turn to the Paseo de Gracia where you can visit Casa Batllo, so-called Gaudi’s jewel, built in the heart of the city and recognized as a World Heritage. It is the most emblematic work of the Catalan architect that stands out for original facade.

In the corner of the Paseo de Gracia and Carrer Mallorca we can find another great work of Gaudi, namely the Casa Mila (or La Pedrera) characterized by its curved shapes, its white limestone facade, its innovative fireplaces or the (curved) design of its interior areas.

Only 1.5 kilometers away we can find the Basilica of the Sagrada Familia, Barcelona's most visited building that gained worldwide recognition. In its architecture come together structure, decoration, symbolism, mysticism and an exquisite nature. This is why it is considered to be the most complex and unique project that Gaudi undertook during his career, and it is still undergoing construction.

If we travel to the north of the city, namely the north of the Gracia district, we will discover the Guell Park. Gaudi conceived it as if it were paradise, replete with religious symbols, Catalanists and organic forms presided by what has become the symbol of the park - the dragon ‘Trencadís’.

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