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Visit the Porxada from our hotel in Granollers, only 4 miles away. The Porxada of Granollers is a beautiful building that consists of a set of columns that are divided in three rows of five columns each, supporting a massive roof. As the name suggests it has a porch-shaped roof. The Porxada was built by the illustrious Bartolomeu Brufalt; although initially was designed to be a grain market. The Porxada’s construction did not finish till 1587. The building is arguably the most distinctive architectural feature of Granollers, located in the city center, in the so-called Porxada Square.

Be captivated by the stories that houses the Porxada; during the Spanish Civil War, more precisely the bombardment of May 31, it was partially destroyed. In spite of having been rebuilt after the destruction, it has recently been repaired by the Local Architectural Heritage Service of the Barcelona Provincial Council.

The Porxada is a focal point of long stories that have great symbolic value. Discover one of the most famous stories about the Porxada, namely ‘the War of between the Blues and the Whites’, in which two young ‘Rajolers’ (bricklayers) made a bet on July 1, 1897. The goal was to find out which of the two was able to make more bricks in an hour; and this mobilized the whole group. The competition was divided into two teams the ‘blancs’ (whites) and the ‘blaus’ (blues). The Blaus won the contest by two bricks and everyone celebrated in style. Already in 1983, a youth group Granollers reminisced about the deed of two ‘Rajolers’ and set out to do something every year to keep this tradition. The City Council supported this magnificent idea and now the new blancs and blaus are responsible for organising the festivities of the Festival of Granollers. Currently bricks are sidelined in favor of other types of competition, encouraging parties.

Become a part of the legends of the Rajolers by staying at our hotel in Granollers and discover all the secrets of this wonderful Catalan city.

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