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Discover the Montseny Natural Park being just an hour drive from our hotel in Granollers. The Montseny is a high block of mountains very famous for the beauty of its landscapes. You should not miss one of the best views of Catalonia, namely the views of the Montseny massif and its iconic silhouettes Vallès Oriental.

In this area you can partake in healthy mountain tourism; if you love mountains and hiking, you can make excursions to three closely located mountain massifs: Turó de l'Home and les Agudes mountain chain, the Matagalls and Pla de la Calma. Visit the Natural Park of Montseny and get to know its rich wildlife typical for this Catalan mountainous area.

Sidorme will get you closer to the Montseny Natural Park where you will find small and very welcoming villages with a very good cuisine. These include Campins, Fogars of Montclús and the village of Montseny.

Enjoy the Natural Park of Montseny in all possible ways. Sign up for tours and all activities related to nature, environment and local heritage. There are activities throughout the year ranging from exhibitions, concerts, workshops, photo contests and excursions to guided walks to discover the most hidden secrets of the Montseny Natural Park. These activities give you the possibility to plan your time and enjoy it according to your liking: with your friends, family or on you own.

Make the most of your experience and find the rural tranquility of this excellent natural environment offered to you by the Montseny Natural Park. Stay with us at our hotel in Granollers, and experience the nature without any barriers.

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