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Montserrat is an important Catalan massif located 70 miles from our hotel in Granollers. You can find it between the regions of Anoia, the Lower Llobregat and Bages. The famous Montserrat Monastery dedicated to the Virgin of Montserrat is located precisely on this mountain.

Discover the hiking trails through the mountains of Montserrat and get into the shoes of the pilgrims who came to Montserrat by foot. One of the tourists’ favorite routes is Collbató, the way to the Monastery of Montserrat. Walk the access road to the Monastery of Montserrat from the village of Collbató. Over the years this place has become the gateway to the Monastery of Montserrat providing the pilgrims with the access road to the monastery.

Visit the Virgin of Montserrat sanctuary, famous for receiving a large number of pilgrims and visitors who have helped to publicise many stories about miracles and wonders brought about by the Virgin of Montserrat. Learn the history of the monastery during the Napoleonic War and its seizure leading to its destruction; and how in 1844 the restoration began with the proclamation of Montserrat as the patron saint of Catalonia.

Organise a visit to uncover the secrets of the massif of Montserrat; get to know the famous caves of Collbató also known as Cuevas de Salnitre. In July you can attend the Gong Festival during which many bands give concerts in the caves.

Discover the hidden essence of Catalonia and visit the mountains of Montserrat from our hotel in Granollers.

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