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Granollers is a city well known for its medieval walls. Come and discover the remains of a medieval society that has managed with all its might to remain in existence till this day.

The construction of Granollers walls began in 1291; and the walls rose between 1366 and 1380 during the reign of Peter III. In the late nineteenth century they were torn down; although the remains were preserved and rebuilt in the sixteenth century. These walls were characterized by a hexagonal layout with eleven defensive towers and a walkway known as ‘corredossos’. The complex structures of five gateways matched the roadways that existed back then and had chapels above: that of Barcelona (San Cristobal), of the Caldes (Santa Ana), of the Roller (San Antonio), of the Benlloch (San Roque) and of the Rock (Santa Esperanza). When the Granollers walls collapsed the chapels had to be moved to the side of the street.

When conversion works of the pedestrian area in the historic center of Granollers were carried in 2009, the remains of a round tower of the wall were found in the Square Salvador and Maluquer. It was a cylinder shaped tower from the northeastern corner of the medieval wall.

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