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Sidorme invites you to visit Barcelona on the day of Sant Jordi, Catalonia’s patron saint, and according to legend, the hero who defeated the dragon and saved the princess.

It is celebrated on April 23, and over the years it has become a traditional and emotional celebration during which it is customary to give a rose and a book to one’s beloved one. A male would give a red rose, the only flower symbolizing exclusivity and passion of love, and a sprig of wheat, a symbol of fertility. Following this tradition, a female would return the favor gifting a book to her beloved one.

On the Day of Sant Jordi roses and books are sold in all of Catalonia, especially at Barcelona's Ramblas, where the number of kiosks grows given the occasion. In these last decades the sale of books by signing authors has been greatly promoted. Around this date you can buy discounted books since it also coincides with the World Book Day.

Year after year, people go to the streets and squares in search of cultural events or roses and books to give as presents. But apart from commercial and cultural demand, the day of Sant Jordi has become a popular celebration on which other events like dance and music, exhibitions, etc. take place.

Sant Jordi is the patron saint of lovers in Catalonia par excellence, shifting away most of the prominence from the Valentine's Day. Celebrate this day with your beloved one and visit all of Catalonia from our hotel in Granollers.

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