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Sitges is located 72 miles from our Sidorme hotel in Granollers, so that you can visit this coastal Catalan town in just 50 minutes.

In Sitges you will have access to a large number of tourist activities. Sidorme will recommend several different places that you should not miss.

The streets of Sitges have countless reference points to the aesthetics of the late nineteenth century. Rusinol Santiago was the painter and writer who revolutionized Sitges over the years. At his home-workshop, El Cau Ferrat, you will have the ability to contemplate examples of modernist art from this period. Visit the old town of Sitges, where you will find remains of the old wall, canyon Baluard, museums, houses of fishermen and many more.

Other attractions of Sitges include the building of the Hospital of Sant Joan Baptista de Sitges of modernist style built in 1912 by Josep Font y Gumà, as well as the urbanization Terramar inaugurated in the spring of 1933. You can admire the beautiful Modernist gardens, noucentist mansions and beautiful Terramar Gardens.

Walk through the Garraf Park with its forests and vineyards. Visit the Interpretation Center of Romanticism ‘Can Cabanyes’; try the sweets of Garraf with Malvasía de Sitges.

Sitges also offers beach tourism which enables you to enjoy various activities, workshops lifeguard for smaller, targeted aerobics classes, water aerobics, GAP and fitness for the elderly.

In Sitges you can enjoy festivals and celebrations throughout the year such as the Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia held in early October. Another one is the Carnival - one of their most important and, perhaps, the most turbulent festivities. It starts on the ‘Lardo Thursday’ with the arrival of His Majesty Carnestoltes and his famous speech – a satirical review of the public life of the population.

Enjoy Sitges with Sidorme while staying at our hotel in Granollers.

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