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Week of the last Thursday in August - Granollers
The city of Barcelona Granollers

The last Thursday of August is one of its most important festivals celebrated in Granollers, namely the Fiesta Mayor.

It all started with a bet between two young people in 1897. Ever since it has become a tradition that takes place year after year. The conclusion of the last Thursday of August started with a bet that two young bricklayers competing with one another to see who could lay more bricks in an hour. This event is known as ‘the War between Blaus and Blancs’ since the competition consisted of two teams: the ‘blancs’ (whites) and ‘blaus’ (blues). The story ends with a victory of blaus who won by two bricks.

In 1983 a group of young people from Granollers decided to revive the story of the two ‘Rajolers’ and proposed to do every year, so that tradition can be preserved. The City Council supported this magnificent idea, and now the new blaus and blancs are responsible for organising the celebrations of the Festival of Granollers. Nowadays, the bricks sidelined in favor of other competitions, in which the bet turned itself into a livelier and more crowded competition between blaus and blancs in order to find out which competition brings more joy to the Festival.

Sidorme invites you to the Festival of Granollers, so that you can take part in the healthy competition between the whites and the blues. This Festival is famous for initiating public participation to win the competition in which two teams compete to see which enlivens the Festival more.

The Festival of Granollers is regarded as one of the manifestations of the living culture in all of its dimensions and as the main way for revitalising relations between citizens of Granollers.

Visit Granollers during the Festival and become a part of the tradition of blaus and blancs by staying with us at our hotel in Granollers.

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