Hotel Barcelona Granollers

Services Sidorme Hotel in Barcelona Granollers

Granollers Hotel - a hotel close to Barcelona with free parking and free wireless internet with the best prices

Those who go on holiday by car can profit from free parking offered by our hotel in Granollers. Should you want to visit Barcelona by car, you can be sure to always have your free parking at Sidorme hotel in Barcelona Granollers.

Also, if you are going on a family vacation, Sidorme hotels present the most ideal option. Our hotel in Granoller has a special playground for the little ones. Additionally, children under age of 12 can stay at our hotel free of charge.

To make your stay more pleasant Sidorme Granollers hotel has free high speed wireless internet across all of its facilities.

If you are looking for a budget hotel near Barcelona with free parking and internet, Sidorme Granollers hotel is the perfect place with incredibly low prices.

  • Personalized service 24h Reception Our team is at your complete disposal 24 hours a day to help you need and make your stay more comfortable.
  • FREE Parking You will not need to look for parking in our hotels, you will easily find free parking lots.
  • FREE High-speed WIFI To keep you connected at any time, totally free and anywhere in the facility without any limitation.
  • FREE Coffee 24 hours At any time you can have coffee or tea for free
  • FREE Children up to 12 years To enjoy your family, your children share a room with parents (max 1 per room).
  • FREE Meeting room The first 2 hours is free, takes this opportunity to celebrate your meetings Sidorme.
  • Breakfast buffet Try our new breakfast pastries fresh from the oven, new coffee, more variety and quality.
  • Children’s playroom For the little ones have their own corner with games and entertainment.
  • Flat LCD TV screen At your disposal are over 20 TV channels.
  • Bathroom in the room Modern and comfortable, shower or tab, thinking about your comfort.
  • Air conditioning You will be able to choose the temperature you want to be in your room, you can regulate yourself.