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The city of Valencia

Discover Bioparc, Valencia’s zoological park. Join the new generation of explorers and experience exciting adventures in the company of your own. Bioparc is very close, just 10 miles from our hotel in Valencia.

The zoological park Bioparc bases itself on the concept of zoo-immersion, designed to fully immerse you in the wild habitats surrounding you. This way it will seem like you are nestled in a natural reality that enables you to discover all sorts of wild animals and their habitats; however, this is just a good simulation.

Bioparc Valencia offers a range of exciting experiences in every corner of the park and at any time of the visit. It gives everyone the freedom to venture out and discover the wild animals from within their habitats. Cross the bridge over the lake and begin your adventure: the Savannah, Madagascar, Equatorial Forest and Wetlands are awaiting you. Browse and explore each area of Bioparc putting yourself into the shoes of the most daring explorers.

Enjoy the Bioparc in Valencia with all your 5 senses and take delight in the visit in any way you prefer: alone, with a group of friends or with your family.

Go with the imagination and uncover the hidden natural treasures of the Bioparc zoo-immersion. Visit Savannah without leaving Spain while staying at our Sidorme hotel in Valencia.

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