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City of Arts and Sciences
The city of Valencia

Visit the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia, located less than 20 kilometers from our Sidorme hotel.

The City of Arts and Sciences form a unique complex devoted to scientific and cultural dissemination. It consists of six major buildings: the Hemisfèric (with an IMAX cinema, planetarium and laserium), L’Umbracle (landscaped and parking viewpoint with a variety of plant species), the Science Museum Príncipe Felipe (an innovative and interactive center of science), the Aquarium (the largest aquarium in Europe with over 500 marine species) and the Palace of Arts Queen Sofia (an opera house devoted to musical performances and art); and, finally, the recently built Agora, which adds to the complex a multifunctional space.

The City of Arts and Sciences is located at the end of the old riverbed of the Turia River, and has established itself as the major tourist attraction of the city of Valencia. Two famous architects, Santiago Calatrava and Felix Candela, designed the complex, which was inaugurated on 16 April 1998 with the opening of the Hemisfèric. On December 12 2002 L' Oceanographic, the largest aquarium ever built in Europe, was opened. And on October 8 2005 the total work culminated in the opening of the Palace of Arts Reina Sofia, which stopped being the official headquarters of the Valencia Film Library in order to become the Opera House of Valencia.

Discover the City of Arts and Sciences; participate in various events and enjoy these unique experiences. Get surrounded by the spectacular IMAX images of 900 square meters, become an astronaut and travel to the International Space Station, directly participate in scientific experiments or get to see numerous rows of teeth of various shark species. The City of Arts and Sciences provides a wide range of activities you can participate in; in addition it offers various themes from which you can choose the ones that interest you.

Get to know the City of Arts and Sciences and stay with us at our hotel in Valencia.

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