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The city of Valencia

Discover the IVAM during your visit to Valencia and your stay in our Sidorme hotel. The Valencian Institute of Modern Art is just 9 kilometers away from our hotel in Valencia.

The IVAM acronym stands for Valencian Institute of Modern Art or Instituto Valencia d'Art Moderne, which, since its opening in 1989, was established as the representative of modern art in Valencia. Today it has consolidated its prestige and being an exemplar of contemporary art on both national and European levels.

The IVAM reached its privilege status due to being a part of the international circuit of modern and contemporary art. Further, it became a focus for researchers, artists and tourists.

Visit the IVAM and take a glance at the works its primary artists. The work of Julio González summarizes the major art movements of the early twentieth century. Get to know the art of Ignacio Pinney - a pioneer and leading to modernity.

The Valencian Institute of Modern Art offers a full program of activities that includes: the exhibition of its art collection, organising seasonal exhibitions and publishing catalogs and other publications in order to delve deeper into the topics related to exhibitions. It also organises conferences, courses, workshops and exhibitions related to organised concerts. The IVAM has two places that you can not miss: the Julio Gonzalez Centre, a new building containing the museum collection with temporary exhibitions and the Sala de la Muralla, which can be found in the basement of the building where the remains of the old medieval city fortifications are preserved; it is the place where temporary exhibitions are usually held.

Visit the IVAM from Tuesday to Sunday for a nominal input of two euros with a number discounts available for the Youth card holders, senior citizen or groups; if you prefer not to pay, on Sundays you get a free entry.

Enjoy all the activities offered by the IVAM staying at our hotel in Valencia.

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