Company Sidorme Hotels

Hotel chain in Spain Quality Low Cost Hotels

We are pleased to introduce the first Spanish chained-brand Quality Low Cost Hotels.

SIDORME Hospitality Group is a part of a group of professional investors and family offices being developed successfully a concept that is defined as "Low Cost Quality Hotels". This concept is based on providing hotels with a cost of tight investment, both by dimensions such as finishes, but with careful, modern design. All construction is designed to generate very little maintenance, reduced energy consumption is achieved by being provided with a higher level of insulation than usual. The SIDORME hotels do not have a restaurant but breakfast service is given. The sum of these features puts Sidorme Hotels in an excellent competitive position.

SIDORME currently has eight hotels in operation (including seven owned and one rented) and a ninth project in downtown Madrid, number 52 in the Fuencarral street.

Ultimately, SIDORME is a new and modern chained-brand hotel, which has optimized costs throughout the hotel process, ensuring a quality equivalent to other hotels with comfort that exceeds customer expectations with respect to the amount paid, that wants to satisfy those seeking the best quality - price. This means a significant commitment to our customers and to offer innovative, different hotels, quality, modern and affordable for people who want to relax watching their money well.

Sidorme Hotels is a young and innovative project, with a strong social commitment, with a team efficient and committed to serve to leisure customers or business customers. It is a constantly growing project to offer our customers the greatest possible number of destinations across Spain.

Welcome to Sidorme Hotels.