Company Sidorme Hotels

Low Cost Hotels Expansion

We are an established brand with great growth potential. We have a proven business model and we have the support of more than 1,000,000 satisfied customers who have stayed with us, which shows the appeal of our quality accommodation at attractive prices.

Our current strategy is to incorporate as quickly as possible new hotels in different locations/cities to exploit under our concept 'Quality Low Cost’.

To get quick additions, we look primarily existing buildings in well located areas. The less investment required to conform to our standards, faster to market and more downtown, will be more interesting for us.

As benchmarks when studying an interesting SIDORME location, may consider the following:

  • We are looking to incorporate as many rooms as quickly as possible.
  • Seek a minimum size from 60 rooms.
  • A good location is key. The more downtown and better access from public transport (with particular attention to the train/subway), the better.
  • The narrower the investment to be made by SIDORME to accommodate SIDORME concept is better.
  • We are willing to consider partial funding or total cost that involves the updating of an existing building to suit the SIDORME concept.
  • We’re offering to value existing buildings through long term lease, offering very attractive yields for homeowners. We are also willing to study management contracts of existing hotels and/or franchise our successful model to third parties.
  • We can also add value to a building to offer it to an investor looking for profitability...

If you detect any opportunity or know someone who might be interested in collaborating with SIDORME with the above criteria, please contact to the email address