Getaways to kick off your summer holidays with a smile

Warm weather is starting to make itself felt again, multiplying our desire to travel. Spain is a country with so many brilliant places and possibilities, where you can enjoy the best natural hideouts, a varied cultural programme, and places where fun is guaranteed for travellers of all ages. If you would

Water sports in Barcelona

In recent years water sports have become increasingly popular, especially those combining adventure and adrenaline unload. All travellers, who greatly enjoy being in touch with the sea, nature and sports, know that this kind of experiences need to be lived at least once. Of course, it goes without saying that

Come to the European Capital of Culture with the new Sidorme Hotel in San Sebastian

Some cities always occupy a privileged spot in our list of must-visit destinations. This time, however, this decision has the added appeal of experiencing a unique moment in history: San Sebastián is the European Capital of Culture of 2016. For the entire twelve months the city will be offering a

The biggest Hieronymus Bosch exhibition to date opens in the Prado Museum in Madrid

Any art lover will see “Bosch. The 5th Centenary Exhibition” as a golden opportunity or the perfect excuse to visit the capital city of Spain this summer. It is, in fact, a unique occasion one really wouldn’t want to miss. On from May 31st to September 11th, this once in

Valencia is counting down the days for the best Festival de les Arts

Music, art, design, and most importantly, a great dose of creativity. The Valencian Community is warming up to welcome a unique event, taking place in June in this renowned tourist destination. Valencia is all set and ready to become the converging point for all visitors who would like to enjoy

See Paul McCartney live at the Vicente Calderón Stadium in Madrid

Music is the best possible reason there is for packing your suitcase and planning the perfect getaway. Every year the capital city of Spain hosts a great number of exclusive musical events. However, the upcoming June 2nd of 2016 promises to be a really big one, because Madrid will be

Exploring the art of the ‘Seicento’ in Madrid

The capital city of Spain is a well-known point of convergence for lovers of art and cultural tourism. Given its vast number of museums and exhibitions, Madrid has become a rather tough competitor amongst other renowned international cities. And it is due to the many great exhibitions, like the upcoming

The best outdoor activities in the region of Girona

When we’re thinking about embarking on a getaway, most of the time our mind is set on relaxation and disconnection from everyday life. Sometimes you just need to run as further away as possible from the routine and spend a few days sleeping in, reading lots, eating well, and enjoying

The best cycle touring routes by Madrid

Tourism and sports are two words, which tend to go hand in hand. In the recent years many travellers have chosen their upcoming holiday destinations taking into serious account the various activity and sport offers the different places put at their disposal. For most part, when presented with the different

Going shopping in Granada

When we set our minds on booking a cheap hotel in Granada to spend a few days in this incredible city, most of the time our plans involve its cultural heritage, or a getaway to the Sierra Nevada mountain chain to enjoy the wonders of nature or a ski trip.